DIY Mickey Pumpkin in 10 Minutes

DIY Mickey Pumpkin in 10 Minutes

By now you should know I love a good DIY. I usually try to make DIY's easy or affordable. The best part about this DIY is that it was both those things. It took me under 10 minutes to create and only cost me $13.64 at Joann's.
What you will need:
  • 1 large pumpkin
  • 2 small pumpkin picks
  • metallic gold/bronze marker
  • wire cutters
First things first, I got rid of all the tags on the pumpkins.
Next up, wire cutters.
I used the wire cutters to shorten the pumpkin picks. You want them to be cut in the center of the pick, so they don't go through the pumpkin. I then tossed the extra pieces of the picks.
Next, I located the placement of where the picks would go. Since the pumpkin is symmetrical, I picked 2 indents that were across from each other. Keep in mind the stem of the large pumpkin as well. You want to give the small pumpkin enough room.
Then I poked the pick through the large pumpkin. In the image you can see that I poked it right where the side and the top meet.
Then I followed the same steps with the other side.
Next, I grabbed the metallic marker. As I mentioned before, all the items were purchased at Joann's. The marker could have easily been purchased on Amazon for much cheaper. You can find the link here. The metallic Sharpies are more affordable than Joann's brands. Also you would be purchasing only bronze instead of the 3-pack, which was unnecessary.
If you haven't noticed, this pumpkin was actually made to become a Mickey. I convinced that was Joann's intentions haha. When I was shopping for a pumpkin, I had a bunch of choices. I decided on this design because immediately my mind went to Mickey shorts when I saw this particular pumpkin. There's my little side note for this blog posts...let me get back on track! Finally, I outlined and filled out his buttons. 
I repeated the above steps with the second button.
All done! Easy peasy right? This took me about 8 minutes to create and it added some Disney magic to my home instantly! I believe the key to making this quickly is to get the pumpkin picks. If you want to save even more time, then I suggest getting a pumpkin that you don't have to add details to.
I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post and happy first day of fall! If you enjoyed this blog post or if you have any questions please leave a comment below. If you decide to make one, please tag me on instagram or send me pics through my e-mail or dm. Thanks for reading:)
XOXO, Jasmine 
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My three favorite things are fall, halloween and Disney so I was so excited to see this diy! I’m going to go to joanns right now to get these supplies, thank you for sharing!!


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