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DIY: $8 Fur Pom Pom Valentine's Day Mouse Ears

Extra, extra, read all about it. Am I the only one who likes me to be extra during the holidays?? Being extra can be pretty expensive, so if you are like me then you find the loop hole for making it affordable. In this case, a DIY. I was immediately drawn to these fur pom pom's from Joann's so I snagged them for this simple mouse ears DIY. The pink ones were calling my name and what do you know, it's February, lets make them Valentines ears! Here's what you need: -2 fur pom poms -A headband -Scissors -Styrofoam glitter hearts -Toothpick -Glitter red ribbon -Hot glue gun Some tips to help make these ears easier to make! -Make sure...

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My Pinterest Inspired Craft Room

I cannot tell you how many times I have dreamt of a Pinterest inspired room. I luckily, started the year with the energy to re-do my entire craft room. A new feng shui was much needed after a hectic year. I was really drawn to the peg board pins and I just loved the fact that it can be both functional and decorative. I have a lot of Disney items from small shops and the parks, so I needed more room for displaying! I'm sure if you are reading this, you can relate. Things I used to achieve this Peg Board: Peg Board ( I bought 2) Each one measured 4ft by 2ft Hook Assortments and spacers for installation Drill Stud Finder Level...

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Mickey Ornament Purse

Back this week with another fun DIY for the holidays before we wrap up the year. This DIY was inspired by Disney's Mickey ornament purse. I spotted this purse at the Dress Shop in Downtown Disney and I just loved it! What I disliked about it was the price tag..It retails for $65 in store and I looked online and it's being resold for over $85. With that being said, here is a DIY that costs under $20 and it's just as cute.  Here are the materials you will need: Chunky glitter paper (2 red and one silver) Filigree silver stickers A plain black round purse Rhinestones Fabri-Tac glue Hot glue gun Scissors Circle-cutter or Mickey Stencil Ruler and pen Eva...

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DIY Mickey Mosaic Treetopper

Hi DFLovers! I am back with a fun and simple tutorial! This year I decided to go with a Winter Wonderland tree and I was unsure of what I wanted to do for the tree topper. Since I didn't have any hidden Mickey's in my tree, I decided that the tree topper had to be a Mickey. I was hanging out in my sisters room when I noticed her mosaic candle holder and a light bulb went off. I thought, "how cool would a mosaic tree topper be." This was extra perfect because the glass effect totally fit my Winter Wonderland theme. So now it was time for finding my supplies and keeping it budget friendly. I used to be...

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Mickey and Minnie's 90th Celebration

  Wow, what an incredible day it was at Disneyland this past Sunday. The vibe was just...magical. When we walked into the park, I instantly felt like a celebration was taking place. There were a lot of people disney bounding as both Mickey and Minnie and it was just surreal to be there in that moment. 90 years of magic and I can't believe the impact Mickey has made on so many lives. He is loved worldwide. WORLDWIDE guys. You know how crazy that is? Mickey has united so many people of different backgrounds and cultures. We are all one in his eyes. No matter what language you speak or beliefs you have, we are all equal and speak the...

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