Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

5-5:30 Wait in line for Oga's Cantina. One person only needed to make a texts reservation. We swapped back and forth with my fiancé to walk around the land and take it all in. 
5:45- 6:20 Got in line for Millenium Falcon's: Smugglers Run for a 35 minute wait.
6:30 Got dinner at Docking Bay 7. 
7:00 Took pictures and mingled with friends.
7:20 Got back in line to Millenium Falcon's: Smugglers Run. Wait time was super short at this time. 15 minutes 
(Bathroom break)
7:45 Got in line for our reservation at Oga's Cantina. Wait was only 15 minutes. We just looked around and looked at the menu. 
8:15 Left Cantina to browse around and do some shopping. We waited in line for about 25 minutes to purchase a toy and the Exclusive Gift Card.
8:40 Debated going on Smugglers Run for a third time, but instead walked around the Market Place with our newly purchased Coke and Sprite Bombs. 

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