When I Decided Enough is Enough with Mangled Ears.

When I Decided Enough is Enough with Mangled Ears.

A long time coming, but here is the story of the birth of the CollectEar Case. Let's take you back to April 2017 when my friend visited from Washington to attend Dapper Day. She was head-to-toe perfect in her handmade dress and then...bent handmade ears...okay so let's say not completely perfect right? She had said the ears bent during her trip and that sparked an idea...an idea that would take months to curate.

I started venturing into different manufacturers until I found the perfect match. I had a few hiccups along the way...a sample promised and sold that was not up to the standard and delayed to no end. Award to those of you that have the OG COLLECTEAR BAG. Only 30 out there. I cut ties with that company and had to start from scratch again, but this was a game changer. I wouldn't have it any other way because the end result was more sturdy and therefore became the CollectEar CASE. 

Being the vintage gal that I am, I knew I wanted to reinvent the hat box. I loved the shape and the use of it, but wanted it to be for mouse ears and pins. This was a new territory for me. I had never designed anything other than ears and maybe some purses in my short-lived college life. I had to accept there were going to be trials and errors. 

Months later, I had a sample in my hands. My mediocre drawings and references frankensteined an idea after all. Plug in inspirational words, FOLLOW THOSE DREAMS. No matter how much you don't know...learn, make mistakes and grow. If I look back to 6 years ago to now, I would not believe I would go on to design not only the CollectEar Case, but boots, a bag and now jewelry cases. It is wild to me. RIP boots and bags...I told you it would be trial and error. It didn't do as well as I had hoped so they got the literal "boot". 

Okay so we have the sample, now what? I knew I wanted to have a pinboard but went back and fourth between the bag sample and the new hard case. I decided I wanted it to be like a pinboard where you just punch the pins into a "cork". I started searching for a material that would work and worked out the kinks. The first Case had a red flock velvet for the pinboard, but within 6 months this would change into custom printed pinboards when the Minnie Case became available.

With the feedback I recieved over the 6 month period, I decided to add d-rings for the option of a long strap. Without adding to the cost, I decided to make the leather strap optional so the price wouldn't go up and it could be customizeable for each person. 

Fast forward to 6 years later...2,500 cases ordered and over 35 different designs made all because I decided to take the leap. What a wonderful journey it's been. I never thought the shop would shift into travel accessories from what started with ears almost 9 years ago. I cannot wait to see what the new year will bring. Hopefully 2024 will bring more success and more growth because there is always more room to grow. 

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