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Fall Dapper Day 2018

I have so much I would like to talk about that has to do with Dapper Day, that I don't exactly know where to start. Let me start by saying, I enjoy every single Dapper Day. I love seeing my friends, meeting up with people and dressing up. Now at 5 Dapper Days deep, I have created my Dapper Day squad. We get together every Dapper Day, and none of us miss it. I am so thankful to have a group of friends that share the same excitement as me for Disney. We all plan our ideas months before and share our findings via texts. Some travel far, some are old high school friends. They are the friends that will...

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DIY Mickey Pumpkin in 10 Minutes

By now you should know I love a good DIY. I usually try to make DIY's easy or affordable. The best part about this DIY is that it was both those things. It took me under 10 minutes to create and only cost me $13.64 at Joann's. What you will need: 1 large pumpkin 2 small pumpkin picks metallic gold/bronze marker wire cutters First things first, I got rid of all the tags on the pumpkins. Next up, wire cutters. I used the wire cutters to shorten the pumpkin picks. You want them to be cut in the center of the pick, so they don't go through the pumpkin. I then tossed the extra pieces of the picks. Next, I...

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DIY Mouse Ear Display

Look at this stuff isn't it neat?? Alright! We are swinging into the next DIY. I promise you, this is worth the read! So many of us have really awesome ears and its sad when we have to store them away in boxes to keep them safe. We are coming up on a year of selling The CollectEar Bag and we thought we would extend the ear holding realm to a DIY mouse ear display as well! I did some research and ear holders can be anywhere from $45 to to $60 for nice quality ones. Here is my honest hour or minute, I did see some crappy ones on Etsy for $30, but the quality was sub-par. My suggestion...

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My Mickey Themed Bathroom

Okay, let's do this thing! I recently posted on Instagram about my new Mickey themed bathroom and a lot of you were interested... I thought hey, why not document the details in my first blog post. It seemed like the perfect subject to start with because it focuses on DIY and budget friendly shopping which are the base of my blog. My friends call me cheap but I would say I'm resourceful... Spaceship Earth Planter by @galactic_garden_arts Here is the bathroom costs a little over $100 and that includes necessities like a toilet holder, plunger, mirror etc. (the boring stuff). That is what I call ballin' on a budget. Let’s face it though, most of you have the essentials....

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DIY Mickey Topiaries Under $10

There is no way I would do a DIY tutorial without another blog post on a more affordable version. After making the first Mickey topiary, which you can find here, I decided to do another blog post with a budget friendly option. If you read my other post, I was able to get the greenery for much cheaper because spring items were 40-50% off. Since this discount isn't available anymore, here is my other version! I was able to create three of these and they look beautiful in my newly decorated Mickey Themed Bathroom. All the supplies were purchased at the 99 Cents Only Store. Yay! More bang for your buck because this DIY saves you gas money. Okay let's...

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