My Mickey Themed Bathroom

My Mickey Themed Bathroom

Okay, let's do this thing! I recently posted on Instagram about my new Mickey themed bathroom and a lot of you were interested... I thought hey, why not document the details in my first blog post. It seemed like the perfect subject to start with because it focuses on DIY and budget friendly shopping which are the base of my blog.

My friends call me cheap but I would say I'm resourceful...

Spaceship Earth Planter by @galactic_garden_arts

Here is the bathroom costs a little over $100 and that includes necessities like a toilet holder, plunger, mirror etc. (the boring stuff). That is what I call ballin' on a budget. Let’s face it though, most of you have the essentials. I started new so I had to purchase all these things along with the decor. The decor alone, would be under $100. I hit up stores like Target, Walmart, the Dollar Tree and the 99 Cent Only Store to find all the Mickey details for my bathroom. Home Goods and Big Lots were used for "the boring stuff". I will break down all the items with, hopefully, links but let's face it, it's my first blog. I have no clue what I'm doing so I make no promises. 

Mickey and Minnie art by @byjamierose


Okay so we've gotten to the meat of the sandwich or the tofu of the sandwich if that's more your thing. Regardless, we are down to the good part. All the magical details to the Mickey themed bathroom and how to achieve this look will follow! Alright, let’s get right into this.

The Mickey rugs were both purchased on separate occasions. I have a small Mickey rug that I found on Facebook's Marketplace (similar to offerup and letgo app). She actually sold 2 of them for $10 so that was an amazing steal! I only used one of them for the bathroom for in front of the toilet and you can find a very similar rug here for $8.99. The shipping isn't included, but I did attach images below of other Mickey items fit for a Mickey bathroom that could justify the cost of the shipping. The larger Mickey rug was purchased on sale at Target for $13.99. It's no longer available but you can always try and find it used or purchase two from the link I included of the smaller ones! I included images of the items available on the online store below that could add magic to your bathroom. The total cost of the items below is $39.88 and that includes shipping.
The wash cloths were a gift to me by my mother-in-law because she knows I love Disney. What are the odds that she buys me something for the bathroom when she had no idea I was making my bathroom Mickey-themed. That was an extra magical moment. The wash cloths had a tag on them and that's when I did my research. They were bought at Kohl’s and you can find them here. Personally, I would go for the more budget friendly choice, which you can find here. It's from Kids Warehouse and it's more affordable, plus you can save on shipping if you buy the rugs.  
Are you a true Mickey fan, if you didn't check out all the Targets in your area for the I Love Mickey Collection?? My consensus is no. Target came out with SO many adorable Mickey items and most of them were inexpensive. I included a few of these items in my bathroom and I have to say, they were the perfect touch. Let’s be honest, most of these things were merely for decor purposes. But hey, if I want to take a bubble bath tonight I can and that's all thanks to Mickey! 

Target does is again! When I went on these Target runs, I would first head over to the I Love Mickey section to see if anything was on Sale or anything new was added. At the time, it was relatively new so when I walked in, I seemed to find a new item every time. I do want to warn you, most, if not all of these Target items were limited so they are most likely out of stock. First up is the Mickey and Minnie 3-in-1 Body Wash. This was actually a little house-warming gift from my sister. For the sake of the blog I looked up the price and it was only $2.99 for both, I REPEAT FOR BOTH!! These are actually a super generous size, so I was shocked when I saw how inexpensive they were. Next up is the $4.00 Mickey Mouse Bubble Bath Citrus Mint, which is unfortunately out of stock. I am sure, we can go without this and your bathroom will be just as magical. Next up, the lotion. I attached all 3 that were part of the collection, but they are out of stock so alternatives will have to be purchased. The last 2 items are the Mickey Mouse Sponge which I can't find an attachment for and the Mickey Mouse Kleenex which is also out of stock.

Don't be discouraged if things are out of stock. There are plenty of ways to add the magic of Mickey in your bathroom or home. Some things I did differently and I advise you to do is, don't search for brand name items and shop for the essence of Mickey. What I mean by this is... buy things that remind you of Mickey, but don't have Mickeys face printed on it. I did this with the shower curtain, soap dispenser, my little DIY mirrors and topiary. This saved me LOADS of money.

The Mainstays Circular Mirrors were actually purchased at the 99 Cent Only Store. I attached the Walmart one so you can see what the complete set looks like. I WARN YOU...DON'T BUY THESE FROM WALMART. Go to your local 99 Cent Store and purchase them there. Why? You ask...I saved $10 buying it at the 99 Cent Store. They are $5.99 and in store at Walmart they are $19.88. So you save even more money if online isn't an option. I used 3 of the 5 mirrors so I have an extra 2 to put somewhere else. Yay! 

The topiary was a DIY project, I did for the office and then I decided to bring it home for that added touch of Mickey. This DIY was super simple and I'll have an attached blog post here in the future on how to make it! Overall it cost me about $12 to $13 dollars. 

The shower curtain was such a hassle to find. Not specifically the polka dot one, but the shower curtain in general. I was really hoping on doing a black and white striped shower curtain, but I wasn't able to find any worthy of the bathroom. The reviews online were scary and in store I couldn't find any stripes that weren't navy and white. I randomly went into a Home Goods for a chair and came out with this polka dot shower curtain. It was such an awesome find because it gave my bathroom a classy look with the sparkly silver polka dots. I was then back to the color story of the bathroom and started to incorporate silver in my findings.

The artwork for the most part was made by me using Power Point. Who would have thought? Etsy also has great prints you can purchase as well if you aren't tech savvy. The Mickey and Minnie artwork was purchased from Jamie over at ByJamieRose. I attached the artwork, but if you message her beforehand, you can also buy it in a print pack! It's cheaper and you can get 3 prints for $20. The other 2 signs were made by me and they are available for purchase here. I wanted to add a little bathroom humor, and I think I did it successfully with the permanecer sentados por favor. 

Alright, so there it is. Basically an essay of all things Mickey Bathroom. I promise to make it shorter and sweeter for my next post. I just had a lot to say and go over and didn't want to lose any details! If you made it this far, congrats. Even though I read this 5 times over, I can sympathize with you when I see the length of this bad boy. I did want to bullet point some tips down below for when you go out and start your own Mickey themed bathroom. 

  • Keep it simple. Only pick a few items with Mickey on it and the rest should just be the essence. This will not only look classy, but will save you money. Also the Hubby will be happy when he doesn't walk into a circus of Mickey.
  • Save those extra bucks when it comes to brand named things. Most of the time you will save money if you avoid anything Disney Store for your home items. Anything on property will also be more expensive than your Walmart or Target finds.
  • DIY everything. That thing you saw on Pinterest...make it. Either try and make a copy of it or improvise. The mirrors were an idea on Pinterest and when I saw the mirrors at the 99 Cent Store I almost cried.

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below! I welcome any tips you might have as well!!




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This is super cute and very easy to follow. Thank you for the tips, especially the mirror idea. I will definitely keep that in mind. I also suggest checking out Daiso which is the Japanese version of 99cent store where everything is $1.50 (in Japan it would be ¥100). They have some cute Disney items as well, for example I have laundry bags that are Mickey and Minnie from Daiso.


Jasmine! This blog post is brilliant. I hope you are proud of how well written and personable it is. If my bathroom wasn’t already decorated with a mix of Star Wars, Marvel, (and a little Disney), I would be doing this immediately! Maybe I can do it on a smaller scale in my guest bathroom. Thank you so much for sharing and congratulations on your first blog post!


Great job. Love the attention to detail. The mickey rug steal was my favorite. I love finding great stuff on the fb market place.

Sara Roncarati

Thanks for sharing! Time to start shopping for my own bathroom! <3


So fun! I did a mickey bathroom in my last place and it brought me so much joy! You did such a good job! Also, congrats on the blog!


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