Mickey and Minnie's 90th Celebration

Mickey and Minnie's 90th Celebration


Wow, what an incredible day it was at Disneyland this past Sunday. The vibe was just...magical. When we walked into the park, I instantly felt like a celebration was taking place. There were a lot of people disney bounding as both Mickey and Minnie and it was just surreal to be there in that moment. 90 years of magic and I can't believe the impact Mickey has made on so many lives. He is loved worldwide. WORLDWIDE guys. You know how crazy that is? Mickey has united so many people of different backgrounds and cultures. We are all one in his eyes. No matter what language you speak or beliefs you have, we are all equal and speak the same language. At the end of the day that is so important to remember and Mickey has made that possible. I have had the opportunity through Instagram to make so many amazing friends from all over the world...all because of our love for the mouse.


Above is a little DIY I threw together for this event. I taught my intern how to create an overall dress from scratch using an overall dress I already had and the ears were created specifically for that day! All of this was thrown together the day before. It was chaotic, but I knew I had to celebrate in style!

This was actually my first time going to Disneyland for Mickey and Minnie's birthday. I found out last year they did a special parade and event for their birthday, but it was too late by the time I was informed. I know...how did I go this much time not knowing this. I face palmed myself already for not knowing this fact. Anyway...I made it my mission to go this year because 1. it was the 90th birthday and 2. I NEEDED THAT MICKEY SIPPER. Oh and I guess I really wanted to see the parade as well;).

Sipper was purchased at Clarabelle's in Toontown.

Okay so here is how this all went down. I am going to talk about it, so it doesn't happen to anyone else if it is your first time going next year! I messed up when it came to the parade. There were 3 stops throughout the parade where everyone would sing Happy Birthday and streamers would be shot out of canons and I did not know this. I was actually super sad about this because the parade was so short that I felt like it just flew by and in a blink of an eye it was over. If you had the opportunity to sit close to these stops, then you got to witness possibly the best part of the parade. All the characters circled around that area and Mickey and Minnie actually stood up in their car to wave to people. It was pure magic, but I unfortunately had to see it later that day on someone's live feed. All I have to say is do your research because I definitely didn't. My fiancé actually managed to get a few shots for me as they walked by, but we totally missed Mickey and Minnie because the car was so loaded with things that you couldn't see them unless they were standing.  

Regardless of the mishaps that occured, I was still a happy camper. I waited in line 3 times before I got my sipper and missed the best part of the parade, but that didn't dull my day at all. There was magic in the air that erased all the bad that day. It was all a learning experience and I know for next year to pay more attention to these details.

Thank you Mickey for a wonderful 90 years of magic and imagination. To many more celebrations to come!

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XOXO, Jasmine


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