My Pinterest Inspired Craft Room

I cannot tell you how many times I have dreamt of a Pinterest inspired room. I luckily, started the year with the energy to re-do my entire craft room. A new feng shui was much needed after a hectic year. I was really drawn to the peg board pins and I just loved the fact that it can be both functional and decorative. I have a lot of Disney items from small shops and the parks, so I needed more room for displaying! I'm sure if you are reading this, you can relate.

Things I used to achieve this Peg Board:

The baskets and bins were purchased at Daiso Japan for $1.50 each. I wanted something special instead of the wire baskets I found at Home Depot. If you don't have a local Daiso Japan, then hit up your Dollar spots. Just make sure the baskets or bins have some type of hole that the hook can go into. Pros of going with a basic basket or bin: you can find them more affordable. Cons: they don't hold as much weight and tilt forward. The plastic bins I didn't hook. I just placed them on two shelf brackets included in the Hook Assortment pack from Home Depot. This way I could easily remove the bins if needed for crafting. The wire baskets tilted forward, so if you want to be safe then I would purchase the Peg Board Baskets instead from Amazon. These will stay upright and are meant for peg boards. 

The instructions were fairly simple. The spacers included in the hook assortment are meant for separating the peg board for the wall. I actually decided to reinforce the peg board with 2 by 4's because I knew there would be weight with my tools. If this is more for decorative purposes then the spacers will do just fine. 

That is all! Hope you can create the room of your dream!! Here are more pictures of the rest of my craft room. 


These holders are actually table top signs from Michael's. It is under $7 before coupon, so I highly recommend!

I'll finish this blog post by repeating this quote, "IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT!!".

XOXO, Jasmine

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  • Jenn Forehand

    I have a similar craft room- but I had never thought of a pegboard! I am going to totally do this! I need more surface space and so I am also going to line my rooms with tables soon. Right now I have only one table and a desk, a rolling cart and a end table. I would like to leave my sewing stuff up along with my ear making baskets. My Cricut needs a permanent home as well for my paper crafts! This is such great inspiration!!! Thanks!

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