About Us

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine, Owner and Designer of DF Love (This Dysfunctional Love). I started this business in March of 2015 when I quit my management job at Forever 21! Working for a corporate company never felt right, so when I had the opportunity to make my friend a custom pair of ears, I accepted the challenge and found a hidden passion of mine...crafting. I was usually the jaw dropping project/presentation you would see in college when I was studying Fashion Merchandising and thats because crafting was always a part of me. Once I had the opportunity to create these ears, I took my knowledge in business, marketing, sewing and management to my advantage and started creating hair accessories for This Dysfunctional Love. I had previously worked under this company selling handmade clothing and flower crowns, but like I said that was not my passion. Now I am here a few years later, with my little family of 4 and a shop I can proudly say I love. I hope you see all the hard work and love I put into your pieces when you purchase from This Dysfunctional Love because just remember I am taking away time from my little humans to make your next trip or party an extra special one! I hope you walk away with an item you are satisfied with and just know you are receiving a one-a-kind design that is Original to the DFLove brand. Our company has expanded since the beginning and we introduced new products like our beloved CollectEar Cases, prints and stickers. My husband and I also merged the Mouse Muse to the DF Love shop so you can now shop apparel and phone cases. So many details go into your package, so we only hope they can bring a smile to your face. Have a great day and I hope its a magical one!

XOXO Jasmine (Owner of DF Love)