Care Instructions

Please handle with care. Do not leave items in excessively hot areas or direct sunlight. This can include anything from being left by the window or inside any part of a car. 
We strive on making durable and long-lasting items. We have had customers tell us (more than once) that their item has flown off their head and submerged itself into a body of water and still survived with flying colors. This does not mean you must try this! We are simply letting you know that if this occurs, your item will be fine, but please allow it to air dry for at least 24 hours indoors. This should help it go back to its original state!
When removing stains, please be aware of the fabric being used for the bow. Our go-to stain remover is from the 99 cent store and it is called Soilove. It will remove the toughest stains on any color! Can also be used for removing stains on the headband! For the foam, please keep in mind any cleaning can cause it to lose glitter. Please lightly wash with soap and water on a wash cloth. NO CHEMICALS ON THE FOAM PLEASE.