Beignets and Mint Juleps Balloon Light Up Mock-up

Beignets and Mint Juleps Balloon Light Up Mock-up

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These balloon ears have a beige color for the mickey balloon with a powdered sugar dust on top and in the balloon. The bow is light green glitter with a cherry, mint and lemon detail. Please note the Mickey balloon does not light up directly, the lights are projected onto them. 

Bring the magic home in our themed ears! Each pair is special to you and not one pair is exactly the same as the other. All products are handmade with love and we hope you get the chance to add DFLove to your collection!

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Jasmine (owner of This Dysfunctional Love)

*Please be advised that little details may change, this might include headband color or trim design etc. Nothing will ever skew the magic of the character or theme involved, just sometimes things run out and changes must be made! We try our very best for this situation to never happen, but hey we're all human.