Custom Order Reservation Spot for Ears

Custom Order Reservation Spot for Ears

THIS PURCHASE IS NOT REFUNDABLE. By purchasing you are agreeing to all the information posted on this listing. No exceptions. 

●When purchasing this listing you are reserving your spot for 1 pair of ears. You may purchase more than one spot, but must pay for multiple spots.

●all customers who successfully purchased a spot must dm me with their theme or idea by midnight Saturday. All listings who do not have a theme attached to their order will be refunded and lose their spot.

●please make sure to have 2 ideas in mind in case the first one is not available to make in the allotted time frame


●The non-refundable $10 purchase is your committment to fully purchasing the custom

●If neccessary a drawing will be made and sent to you for approval

●a second invoice will be sent with the difference that is owed. For example if your ears retail to be 45 dollars, i will send an invoice of 35 plus shipping and/or taxes with the email provided in this purchase

●processing time starts after full purchase is made

●Items ship in 4-6 weeks

●themes can be anything your little heart desires!


●please keep in mind that all customs are subject to be reproduced